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July 30, 2008

Guilty of carrying on normally

I carry on with my life as if nothing has happened. I understand mourning is not a solution to the terror problem, however, I fear that a cloud of insensitivity is trying to overcome my humanity. Is normalcy taking over the good sense? Or, have I started defining good sense in a different way?

So, what can I do?
  • Not laugh at the insensitive jokes cracked by others.
  • Be more alert.

July 02, 2008

Awheemaway awheemaway...

A and I have found ourselves humming The Lion Sleeps Tonight a bit too often these days. This could be a result of us trying to woo our two-year old neighbour in Japan. Manu, as everyone fondly calls him, is quiet only when he has a good melody playing in front of him. He was addicted to YouTube. Obsessed with Pigloo (we love that too now!), Manu wouldn't listen to any other song. A and I introduced him to Ek-Anek, Agadam Bagadam and The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Since then, we haven't stopped humming the Lion song. A friend today asked what it is, so I though I will share the song with her and others visiting this blog. Here you go.