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May 27, 2008

Thus said my friend

I used to think that writers are different because of their capability to articulate. I now know that writers are different because they observe and think differently.

May 26, 2008

A thought from the movie, Guide

ज़िंदगी एक ख़याल है, जैसे के मौत एक ख़याल है.

ना सुख है, ना दुःख है,
ना दीन है, ना दुनिया.
ना इंसान, ना भगवान.

सिर्फ़ मैं, मैं, मैं, मैं.

May 14, 2008

Jaipur tragedy: How we can help

Woke up with the news of the Jaipur blasts. Already shocked with the unpredictability of life in circumstances like these, I was appalled at how news channels carried the news, more interested in soliciting comments and video clips from the general public than helping them with helpline numbers and other information. Not that I have seen this the first time. Does the Fourth Estate need a monitoring eye? Probably yes. Let us not get carried away in a different direction, far away from our sense of humanity.

Here are the helpline numbers to help you get information about the deceased and the injured:
  • 0141–2574456
  • 0141-2560291
  • 0141-2619827

The injured need blood urgently. Please rush to the Sawai Madho Singh (SMS) Hospital, if you are in Jaipur, to donate your blood.

Let this news not be just another audio and visual piece while you have your breakfast. Let's do what we can.

May 09, 2008

The Zing Thing

Just happened to come across the Gold-Spot ad. Loved humming 'The Zing Thing' back as a kid. Here's to old times.

May 06, 2008

Two trains, a Temple, and numerous Turtles

Impromptu events are usually the most cherished. Today was such a day. Today being a holiday in Japan, A and I had planned to visit the Showa Kinen park in Tachikawa, with the intention of spending the day cycling and boating. However, we woke up utterly confused some time around noon. After a few minutes of complete bewilderment, we decided to go ahead with our plan. An hour later, while we were on our way to the railway station, we wondered if it was any point going that late to a place that closed early. The scorching sun helped give the extra push to our confusion and we dropped our plan. Instead, we reached our usual destination, the Kawasaki station.

After an hour or so of shopping and eating at the big mall near the station, I felt exhausted and wanted to return home. A, however, showed his displeasure over the way we were spending the day. I was unhappy too (I hate visiting malls!) but did not know what else to do. He asked if I would be comfortable walking a little more. So we walked through the overcrowded streets, past a couple of talented street singers to reach the Keikyu Kawasaki station. We boarded the first train we saw, or so I thought. A knew where we were going. I didn’t mind it much since we had got ourselves seats. Three stations later, we found ourselves getting off the train and walking towards the south exit of the Kawasaki Daishi station.

We walked our way to the Buddhist temple there. Like any famous temple in India, the way to the temple was lined up with shops selling tourist items and similar paraphernalia.

The temple was beautiful but lacked the hustle and bustle of its Indian counterpart. We followed others washing their hands in an artificial fountain in the centre of the temple courtyard. One does not, however, need to take off shoes in the temple premises here. We saw one idol of Buddha in gold in a small temple and a lot of gold accessories and décor in the main temple. We did not enter the main temple as we saw no one going inside; we had a glimpse of the interior through a huge glass window.

The temple premises had a lot of food stalls, but we did not bother to check as we were not hungry. We took fancy to the numerous turtles resting in a water reservoir in the premises. We spent a lot of time observing them. Their hand and neck movements gave me goosebumps. A and I were extremely fascinated with the texture on their shells. A had a turtle pet for a few days when he was a kid. My goosebumps were back when he told me he wanted one again.

After feasting our eyes on the water-loving reptiles, we left for the nearest park to rest. Eyeing a baseball game, A decided to give me a crash course on the game. Just in theory. So, we sat on the once-upon-a-time seats, crushing the wild grass with our feet, just outside the baseball field for some time to observe the fielding team thrash the batting one. We left the privileged seats the moment the teams changed roles.

We spent some more time in the park, doing absolutely nothing. Two trains and a bit of walk later, we came back home quite content. Sometimes, the absence of a plan makes the day.

May 02, 2008

Addictive thoughts

Ages ago, I read something in a school text book that I often find myself repeating.

Loveliness is all around me
If I have eyes to see
God shares his wonder gifts
Everywhere and endlessly

I guess I was in the kindergarten when I read this. I memorized the text immediately to never let go of it. So, when a few minutes ago, after meeting a certain work deadline, I remembered it, I felt a surge of excitement rush through my nerves. The thought comes to me today amidst challenges and uncertainties and makes me feel free. Surprisingly, it does not make me nostalgic, somewhat timeless. I guess some thoughts are extremely addictive.