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February 25, 2008

I heard, I watched, I now recommend

I have been watching a lot of movies lately, on the big screen as well as on the small. Here's a few I would like to talk about:

  • Amercian Gangster - Amazing performances what with the screen space divided between the two of the best actors, along with a captive story. Watch it.
  • Charlie Wilson's War - A must watch. Initially, I was reluctant to watch this one for the fear it might incite anger in me. I wondered if the war in the Afghan land will be glorified and the birth of the Taliban forgotten. I did not want to watch a movie that reiterated that wars are fought from boardrooms. However, I liked the movie and couldn't agree more with Wilson's view of having 'f****d the end game'. Watch out for the dialogues in Tom Hanks' scene with the Pakistani regime. I was pleasantly surprised to see the one who plays Ziah. The last exchange of words in the boardroom were the words that kept my anger in check. It seemed real.
  • There Will Be Blood - Thankfully, it wasn't about blood and gore as I had feared. Nonetheless, it was very powerful and dark. Daniel Day-Lewis deserves the Oscar. Watch it.
  • Juno - OK, I give up here. It was fine, alright, but I did not find anything remarkable in it. I guess I had watched too many powerful movies alongside to appreciate this one. You won't miss the world if you miss it.
  • American Pie Presents Beta House - Ooff, it gave me a headache. Trust me, the earlier versions were faaaaaaar better. Give it a miss.
  • The Bong Connection - Hmm... I had really very high expectations of this movie but ended up being disappointed. Technically lacking, it was a movie that completely dependent on the story and the screenplay; and it failed to create a great impression. I liked the movie, irrespective of its drawbacks. It may be because of either my appreciation of Anjan Dutta's work or a sense of identification with parts of the story, like the scene where Andy bursts out at his uncle and his aunt mediates. I love Mamta Shankar. She can bring life even in a two-minute scene. I am sure this movie will pave its way to brilliant cinema. Watch out for Anjan Dutta's next.
  • Ek Ruka Hua Faisla - A very old one. It's the Indian remake of the very famous 'Twelve Angry Men'. Grab the VCD/DVD for this one. Like Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, this one is for keeps.

February 13, 2008

A fear

जितना भी दिल को समझाऊँ कि आलोचना अच्छी है,
लगता है बस फुसला रही हूँ खुदको.
कहते हैं नसीब बहादुरों का साथ देती है,
पर बहादुरी का तो हमने सिर्फ़ नक़ाब पहना है.

February 09, 2008

'Tis a white country

White cotton below my feet, a white sheet over my head
Dripping with wet white fur, oh so nice and distracting
'Tis a white country tonight, with shimmering roads,
Illuminated trees, and the sky pouring and so giving

The radiance blinds me for a second, devouring with it
The gloom and morose I had within; the shimmer drips
All over my disillusioned self, taking over me
Along with the white without, within me a sparkle comes