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February 09, 2008

'Tis a white country

White cotton below my feet, a white sheet over my head
Dripping with wet white fur, oh so nice and distracting
'Tis a white country tonight, with shimmering roads,
Illuminated trees, and the sky pouring and so giving

The radiance blinds me for a second, devouring with it
The gloom and morose I had within; the shimmer drips
All over my disillusioned self, taking over me
Along with the white without, within me a sparkle comes


Unknown said...

thnx 4 the oh-so-nice poetic post...luvd reading it ;)


Mrinal said...

I think I have grown up. I understand your poetry now. Good one Didz.

Unknown said...

why it??? so white illuminates.........white is purest and mysterical...amazing!!

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