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June 27, 2008

My crazy mind

I have come here to scribble something but there is nothing specific that comes to mind as I type out these words. I do not find myself lost, just a bit preoccupied sorting the several thoughts in my head. So, while I gather my thoughts, I give my readers one of my favourite songs, a lyrical beauty.
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June 23, 2008

My active online friends

I have been a bit busy offline these last few days. While I was socializing and discovering the world offline, some of my friends have been extremely active online. A started a blog. I cringed at its name and idea. It is called 'Why I Crib'. A has never been a man of letters, but lately, he has been frantically looking for a vent (other than me) for his strong feelings in response to the everyday happenings in the world. The Author's Wisdom section in A's blog says it all. I have read his posts and want to strongly agree or disagree (most of the time) with his views, but I haven't commented on his posts yet (That makes me understand why my readers don't comment, when I know they feel strongly about one of my opinions.). With the ease of finding him in the same room, I argue with A on all his posts all the time. A and I look at the big picture from the same perspective. However, it is the fine details that we disagree on. The discussions make for some real good insights, which would otherwise be ignored. There are a dozen of things I feel strongly about but something stops me from expressing my views on this forum. A's blog makes me wonder if I am fleeing away from reality, for the selfish hope of evading controversy.

A and I have a common friend, Deepa. She started blogging very recently, but has been successfully managing four blogs now. I check one of her blogs, Life is a jaunt, almost religiously. Her posts, where she narrates a not-so-unusual incident of her everyday life and then analyses it to conclude a profound thought, appeal to me. The last of such a post of hers was about people's indifference towards things that do not directly affect them.

Mrinal is another of my active online buddy. He started blogging this year and has been writing about his personal experiences. I have been following his blog quite earnestly and discovered an analytical and introspective mind behind the written words. A couple of his recent posts, however, blew me off my feet. The situation and scene that he describes in these posts seems to be taken off a movie script. Click these links to read the posts: Dare and Dare 2. I had mixed feelings while reading these posts. While I was busy pointing out the punctuation errors in his posts, he asked, "Didi, you didn't say anything? I thought you would beat me up!" "You have grown up," I said.

June 12, 2008

As I struggle with deadines, my mind plays games with me

The indisciplined freelancer I am, I can be often found staring at my laptop screen at the most unearthly hours. (Yeah, the biological clock is completely out of order.) No, I do not miss deadlines; I do not forget to respond to clients. I do all that and more, like catching on my favourite childhood serials and animations, following local and international news or reading. What I do not do is giving a boost to my chosen career. My years in the corporate world ought to make me more sincere in my own endeavour, but instead I choose to pooh-pooh reality by calling it prosaic.

My dreams have nurtured the risk-taking decision maker in me. My courage has found me avenues and opportunities. But I often let my procrastination take over me, making me blissfully oblivious to reality. This post has found me in an introspective vein tonight. While you ponder over my predicament, let me go back to my deadlines.


P.S. It must be my nocturnal, caffeine-deprived, bogged brain typing.

June 11, 2008

Forgetting the ideals behind the idols

Read a brilliant piece on Sagarika Ghose's blog this morning. The glorification of symbols and the derision of the thoughts and ideals of the ones they represent is horrifyingly evident in the power playground in India.

ख़ुदा की खिदमत कुछ इस तरह की हमने,
ख़ुदा की तस्वीर को ख़ुदा से बड़ा बना दिया

June 04, 2008

The unflinching hope

From a poem by the late poet, Ghanshyam

...किस बल पे गुमान है बेफ़िक्रे को?
स्वर्ण-मुद्राओं से भरे किस अदृश्य हाथ को
देखता है वह शुन्य से अपनी ओर बढ़ते?