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June 12, 2008

As I struggle with deadines, my mind plays games with me

The indisciplined freelancer I am, I can be often found staring at my laptop screen at the most unearthly hours. (Yeah, the biological clock is completely out of order.) No, I do not miss deadlines; I do not forget to respond to clients. I do all that and more, like catching on my favourite childhood serials and animations, following local and international news or reading. What I do not do is giving a boost to my chosen career. My years in the corporate world ought to make me more sincere in my own endeavour, but instead I choose to pooh-pooh reality by calling it prosaic.

My dreams have nurtured the risk-taking decision maker in me. My courage has found me avenues and opportunities. But I often let my procrastination take over me, making me blissfully oblivious to reality. This post has found me in an introspective vein tonight. While you ponder over my predicament, let me go back to my deadlines.


P.S. It must be my nocturnal, caffeine-deprived, bogged brain typing.

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