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January 28, 2008

There are voices in my head

Thoughts, thoughts, everywhere, nothing that translates into words. For the last few days, I have been thinking. A lot. I have been thinking about everything that my senses encounter - from the colossal electronic city of Akihabara to the three slices of bread I burnt this morning, from the open display of erotica in shops to the absence of English in this part of the world, from the desire to win over the world to the acceptance of things beyond control. The voices in my mind do not seem to translate into sensible sentences in any language. Yet, I do not despair. I am, surprisingly, extremely content, rather happy. I seem to be high on something. I have been, for a drastic change, living in the present, living the moment. The next decade, year, hour or even the minute, do not seem to trouble me.

The moments of solitude, sans introspection, make me happy. The voices in my mind seem to be taking me to places - places inside my head, inside my heart. I guess this is what living the moment is. I seem to be high on L.I.F.E.


Anala and Megha said...

i liked this better than anything else.

Anuradha Sinha said...

:) You know what, you are my regular dose of encouragement. Thanks.

mononita said...

tend to agree with bai here.....of ALL your writing, i like this the has that ring of honesty...carry on anu!

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