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August 12, 2008

Riding in the rain

The beginning
Early evening: inhibitions, second thoughts
Minutes later: bring bike to the ground floor (from just a floor above); look up the sky; decide to keep the trip short; ride off
After another few minutes: indecision at the cross roads; keep going straight
All this while: second glances from people, especially motorists and other cyclists
After a total of 15-min ride: halt at friend's place; boast about the bike; show the silly horn to the child at their place and feel proud

On the way back
Late evening: the drizzle dissuades
A minute later: ride out anyways
After another couple of minutes: hear the first catcall; wanna go and punch him hard - rain and the bike stop me
After two or three minutes later: another catcall, this time from a cyclist who overtakes; along comes a steep road
A minute later: rain pours down; road gets steeper; walk up the stretch
For the next two minutes: curse self for not carrying a raincoat, start the ride again
In the next few seconds: parked car suddenly decides to reverse, while another comes from the right, and a third honks; maneuver to get ahead of the reversing car
In the next few seconds: ahead of the chaotic jam behind; keep going while getting drenched
Till the destination: wonder how the house appears so far; drenched jeans makes for heavy pulling; adjust gears and fly back home
At the destination: carry the bike up the stairs; lady coming out gets impressed; fumble for keys; open the door; keep the bike inside; collapse on the couch

Decision: To ride in the mornings; to buy a helmet; to stop and slap the catcallers.


Ankur said...
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Ankur said...

Great experience!!! I envy you :-)
BTW reading the manual about gear handling may come handy on future trips. Everytime confronting the cat -callers may give them the undue importance they are looking for. I am not preaching here, because U know what’s best :-) Looking forward to some more entries.

Anuradha Sinha said...

:) I will keep your advice in mind. (Did not actually plan to slap 'em, but feel stupid about not confronting them either!)

Mrinal said...

One hell of a ride heh??? But don't suppress the urge to knock them out if it gets too strong. And preferably do it(cycling)in the morning....Healtier option and u don't get a tan and the traffic...

Unknown said...

kid's blog lead me here.

great going. the bike is in good hands. just dont give it to onkoor :P

Anuradha Sinha said...

:) Yeah. I don't think his interest in the bike will last long.

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