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August 23, 2008

This one is for the writer in you

Friends, Indians, countrymen and countrywoman [Why did Mark Antony (not the singer husband of J Lo!) address people this way? Were his friends different from Romans? Was he also addressing a countryside or a country outside Rome?], lend me your ears. If you fall in any of the categories listed below, we have a news for you.
  • You are a freelance writer.
  • You are jobless but a writer at heart.
  • You have a techy job but are a writer at heart (and you can let go of this job for your love for writing). Do this at your own risk. We will wash our hands off it saying, "WE DIDN'T ASK YOU TO QUIT!"
  • You have a job that legally allows you time for part-time or freelance writing.
  • You are looking for a part-time or full-time writing gig.
There is an opportunity for freelancers for a Bangalore-based magazine as well as for a national one. There is also a requirement for a columnist. Check the post on Zahid's blog for details.


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Unknown said... u want me to QUIT my job ?

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