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September 04, 2008

Presenting a post full of assorted thoughts...

The combination of a packet-full of potato chips from Dhanbad's Little Stores and a Nandan, Champak magazine or a Chacha Chaudhry, Billu or Pinki comic-book
Pure bliss lies in such things.

The disappointment at people's fear of the word 'idealistic' for the times in the future
Why do they make idealism equivalent to failure?

The inability to hold on to thoughts that are dear

The exorbitant price of poppy seeds

The confusion between what is there and what can be
Why is it difficult to let go of anything, whether it is a crushed piece of paper or an old set of sofas?

The confidence of doing something good for the world
It is in small things that lies the path for the great deeds. I can start small.

The inability to continue a routine after seven successful days
I will begin it again tomorrow. It will be a new day.

The happiness at completing a deadline and the tragedy of facing another
Time-up! When will I be able to do that?

The underlying, unflinching happiness within
Am I going completely crazy with this peace within?

The amusement at the invention of McFuel
WOW, they an make fuel out of the left-over burnt oil! There will be alternatives, for sure, but we need to take steps towards saving what we have now. Can I launch a campaign? Even if I do, will anybody care?

Ciao, till my next thought!


Chaggoholic.... said...

Wud luv to peek into ur Chacha Chaudhary or lets say Tinkle collection. Nice thots put togther nicely....

Anuradha Sinha said...

Thanks. :) Collection, I have none. Most of the collection was distributed amongst friends.

Mrinal said...

Nice assortment. Unlike the random useless thoughts that occur to me. Mine would be a literary disaster. :)

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