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September 12, 2008

Can we let trust die?

In response to my last post, a friend said that she is afraid that the donations won't reach the needy. I know that she is one of those people who are eager to help but the thought of the money not reaching the needy makes her a bit sceptical. Still, I know she will help. On the other hand, some of us stop ourselves from helping because we think our help will land in the wrong hands. I believe most of us are good at heart but the cynicism overcomes the humanity in us. If all of us think this way, will we be able to help ever?

The many 'destitutes' turning up at the door narrate the same tear-jerking story, conning us over and over again. We have grown to distrust people. Yet, we know that we may be turning away some people who are in the real need. Should we stop trusting people completely? How can we ever make use of our existence then? We cannot possibly do everything ourselves. And even if we could, we would need the support from others - financial or otherwise. Would others trust us then?

A told me that yesterday he was in conversation with someone who said that there is no point sending anything to Bihar as nothing will reach the needy. I hope some of us will help inspite of our scepticism. Can we not help keep optimism and trust alive?


Deepa said...

Yes, helping hands can never stop themselves, no matter what.

"I am not a pessimist; to perceive evil where it exists is, in my opinion, a form of optimism."
- Roberto Rossellini

Anuradha Sinha said...

Amazing quote, Deepa! It is easy to relate to this than any form of pseudo optimism. Thanks for sharing this.

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