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September 10, 2008

It doesn't take too much to make use of our being.

A cousin, who is a doctor, reached Bihar today to help with the flood relief. Some people I know are eager to go to Bihar to contribute physically to the efforts. However, doctors and swimmers can be of more help than others. But all of us can contribute in some way or the other, nothing being any less significant. And it's not only about sending money, but sending medicines, milk powder, clothes, and other items.

I came across a couple of blogs while looking for a way to contribute.
  • One of them is called the Bihar Flood Relief - 2008. The people involved are contributing more than money. They have an idea of what is required there and they are passing down the information to us and even transporting the collected items to the flood-affected regions. For the ones in Benguluru, you can send money and other items through an NGO called Prayaas. The NGO's details are available in the blog. You can get in touch with them about sending essential items. Here are the details for sending money:

    Institutional Donor and as well as individual can donate via our Sister NGO PRAYAAS

    Please mention flood relief and your name in remarks section while transferring funds Please mention your name in the comments (will help us track) Send an email with details to: also make a CC to:

    Account in on the name of: M/S Prayaas
    Current Account No. : 10447347087
    Bank Address : State Bank of India, Indiranagar, Bangalore
    Bank Code : 3301
    Routing Number (Swift No.) : SBI NIN BB 147A
    MICR number : 560002021

    Prayaas Official Address:
    Mr. Amitesh Bharti
    C1-201, GreenWood Regency
    Doddakannahalli village,
    Carmelaram PO, Adj. Wipro
    Sarjapur Road,
    Bangalore - 560035

    If you want to send a cheque/DD:
    Please send the crossed A/c Payee cheque in favour of,
    "SBI, A/c Prayaas, Current A/c No. 10447347087"

    Tax exemption under section 80G
    Donors in India can get tax exemption under section 80G, the certificate & the receipt of your contribution will be dispatched by Prayaas. To get the certificate & the receipt of your contribution, Please email your name and address along with detail of your contribution to Amitesh at

    also make a CC to

  • Another blog called News and Coordination for Bihar Flood Relief Activities also updates you on avenues to contribute to the relief efforts.
A little money and a few minutes can help a lot of people in need. Can we help keep optimism alive?



Deepa said...

Helpful one. I'm sure there are many souls ready to help and donate. I feel there may be very less/none chances of our contributions reaching the needful. Unless done through the right channels.

News showed victims of flood fighting for food. They formed gangs to steal the entire food stock, while the not-so-powerful ones starve.

Anuradha Sinha said...

Yeah, I agree. But we have to believe people or reach there ourselves and handover the money directly to the needy. There are genuine good people reaching out to the needy. They will need our support or will not be able to continue. A handful of bad people should not destroy our trust in humanity.

Chaggoholic.... said...

Noble cause thru a noble post.Nice....

Anuradha Sinha said...

Thank you.

KP said...

Answers are:

1. Patna
2. Kosi
3. 25 lakh people
4. Drought

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